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Teacher of the Year
The recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award is Dr. Nancy Hill Elton. Nancy began her musical studies with piano lessons from her mother and vocal study from Edward Gavin of Columbia, SC.
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The Georgia Music Teachers Association is an organization of over 700 independent and collegiate music teachers throughout the state, who are committed to furthering the art of music through programs that encourage and support teaching, performance, composition and scholarly research. GMTA has existed to support music teaching and the art of music since 1954 and is proud to recommend the Music Teachers National Association.

Special Notice for GMTA Audition Dates:
GMTA instrumental, instrumental concerto, vocal, college piano
Auditions: April 14
Application deadline: March 19

GMTA pre-college piano, piano concerto, theory
Auditions: May 11-12
Application deadline: April 9
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Note: Theory Tests are now available.
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